Saturday, 22 February 2014

Farming problems – need for a common portal

India is said to be a land of farmers from ages. It is a country where 60% of the population directly or indirectly depend upon agriculture. They depend on agriculture :”yes” but is agriculture really a profitable occupation now-a-days to the so called back-bone of the country – farmer.
Farmers in India suffer from innumerable problems like gambling with monsoons, lack of awareness on farming methods, non-availability of qualified seeds ,lack of information, lack of storage facilities, exploitation by middle men and many more… No wonder Farmer population falls by 9 million in 10 years. Nearly 10 per cent of our harvest goes waste every year in the absence of proper storage facilities. Statistics like and off late farmers suicides in India doesn’t make a good reading . Agriculture in India is no more a a profitable occupation to many farmers but playing with this kind of risks.
Now, where does it go wrong ..Is there something we can do for the better. At least to few of these issues for the future of agriculture in India. The most important and common thing in most of these problems is lack of information. As an example, my father in my childhood use to travel about 400 km to buy seedlings for the crop because it is not available near to our place. Now, the situation is better but not much different.He still travels longer distances to buy seeds/seedlings not because it is not available near by, but he doesn’t have the information. Information is wealth no doubt in this case.
There is a definite need for a common platform where farmers and sellers of agro related products come together,meet and trade. It also provides farmers easy access and more options to buy agro related products like seeds, seedlings, farm machinery, fertilizers/pesticides, warehouses, cattle, tractors for sale,  farm lands in their proximity. Farmers adda is one such platform providing  classified services to the farmers in India for their farming products. On the other side, farmersadda will be beneficial for sellers/dealers as they can take their agricultural products more closer to farmers across the country.
Lastly farmers can post their farming products like rice, wheat, maize,cotton,spices for sale directly, thus avoiding the middlemen exploitation. 
All these services of farmersadda can also be availed over phone by dialing the customer care number 088-80808081 or online at
Hoping for the best -Jai kisan !!